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Office employee

Legal Office Assistant


Cascade Virtual offers dedicated, front office staff to manage the front end of your legal practice. We are excited to manage your:

- Incoming calls and messages

- Email 

- Scheduling 

- Case file updates and organization

- Billing and bookkeeping









Let's Meet About Your Needs

Where is Your Time Better Spent?

Hiring and managing staff is a full time job. When you utilize Cascade Virtual assistants, you offload:

  • ​Monthly timesheet and payroll management 

  • Daily staff oversight (all accounts come with a dedicated Online Business Manager to make sure tasks are moving forward daily)

  • Processing annual staff tax forms

Don't Take Our Word For It

In the below article, attorney Lesly Longa, mentions the benefit of remote administrative assistance for her legal office. 

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Erica Givens Glasgow 


It has only been a few days and I have to say that I am so impressed with my team. They are a dream come true!
Thank you so much for pairing me with a team that can truly help me with this crazy workload I've been carrying.

Build Your Team and Build Your Dream with Cascade Virtual

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