We're glad you're here:

Cascade Virtual is many things to us, but most of all it's a hub designed to connect our clients with success.


As an entrepreneurial mother/daughter partnership, we know firsthand how necessary it is to have a skilled team to bring your vision to life. Through the ups and downs of creating our business, we realized early the importance of staying in our respective lanes when it comes to skill set and seeking those individuals with expertise we need.  


What we have learned, above all, is that success looks less like a CEO and more like a team working towards the same goal. We have discovered that eliminating barriers of location makes the opportunity for the right connection that much greater. 


We developed Cascade Virtual as a safe, practical and efficient means for expert assistants to work with our clients  who need support to get to the next level of success. We look forward to our future with you as we all move forward together. Here's to the Journey!



& Robin