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If you are a Virtual Assistant you are asking yourself… Why is Cascade Virtual for me?


There are other companies out there, but are they looking out for you? 


This is what Cascade Virtual offers to contribute to your success as a Virtual Assistant:


  • A Safe Working Environment-We work hard to find the best clients available to pair you with positions you are able to flesh out and commit to! We also manage payroll and any disputes to be sure you get paid for every hour worked and are not required to work with clients who are not a good fit. 

  • The Highest Paying US Based Agency - We pride ourselves on being the highest paying US based VA Agency! Feel free to use us as a jumping off point to get started in the VA industry and flesh out into taking on your own clients as well! 

  • Teams - There might be a client that you really want to work with, but you are not able to do everything the client asks you to do. Don’t worry… Cascade Virtual has your back. Just tell us what you need and we will find you a teammate.


Cascade Virtual is not just a VA agency. 


Our assistants matter, and we aim to add to the world of virtual assisting while creating an opportunity for US based assistants to experience working from home for clients all over the world 

So… does this sound like Cascade Virtual is THE place to be for you?

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While Cascade Virtual Serves Clients globally, all assistants are U.S. based. 
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