How Can a Virtual Assistant Support Your Legal Firm?


Cascade Virtual will pair you with a U.S. based, fully vetted and background checked assistant to delegate to daily. Once hired, we will oversee your account daily to ensure tasks are moving forward as requested, process monthly payroll and annual assistant tas form. 

Delegating necessary paperwork, communication and marketing tasks to a trusted Virtual Assistant is the best investment you will eve make in the sustained, long-term success of your practice.

Where is Your Time Better Spent?

Being a voice for others and successfully navigating the legal system is a tall order. You have studied, tested and networked  to get where you are today, your clients deserve your full focus. 

Don't spend your days completing and managing daily tasks that, though necessary, are making no contribution towards you being an expert in your field. 

From scheduling to client follow up, marketing, website design/management, daily administrative tasks and everything in between, we've got you covered.  

You have smart processes and great ideas. There just aren’t enough hours in the day or people on your team to push your vision forward. No one person can run a booming practice on their own.

At Cascade Virtual, we pair you with an assistant or team of assistants, with the skills you need at a rate you can afford even when you are just starting out. 


Legal professionals often work early mornings and late nights. It can be difficult to balance a successful thriving firm with personal and family responsibilities and still have time to recharge. 

Delegating effectively is the most liberating skill you will ever implement and is the true path to ever increasing longterm success. 

We can not only assist with your practice but can schedule your hair cuts, doctor's appointments and manage your bills. 

We can manage your special occasions, select and send flowers for a birthday, design and schedule eChristmas cards and price and order gifts for your loved ones. 

We can even research and organize your vacations and business trips. From transportation, accommodations, fun experience research, expense management and holding down the fort while you're out of office, we have your back!


Don't Take Our Word For It