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How Can a Virtual Assistant Support Your

Real Estate Career? 


Cascade Virtual specializes in your success and is always most interested in pairing you with the best Virtual Assistant or team of assistants for your business. We want to take the  paperwork and other necessary but time consuming tasks off your plate and help strategize and implement creative ways to put you on the map!


We are available for everything from managing your showings, developing your CRM (to include prospective clients, as well as previous and current clients that will become your referral partners). We are also well experienced when it comes to fostering online presence through social media marketing and content creation and helping to define your brand through, one sheet design and development of social media groups that will help you capture new clients prior to moving or on their way into town. 

Where is Your Time Better Spent?

Helping families, couples and individuals find their dream home is the opportunity  to be involved in one of the most important decisions a person will make in their lifetime. 

Those who need the advice, expertise and skills of a reputable agent like you need your full focus to locate the place they will make their most cherished memories. Don't spend your days on the administrative/marketing side of your business when you could be focusing on being an expert in your field. 

From scheduling to client follow up, marketing on all platforms, website/landing page design, expense management  and daily administrative tasks, we've got you covered. 

You have smart processes and great ideas. There just aren't enough hours in the day, or people on your team to push your vision forward. No one person can successfully run a booming business on their own. 

At Cascade Virtual, we pair you with an assistant, or team of assistants with the skills you need at an affordable rate. 

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Real Estate professionals often don't have a 9-5 schedule. It can be difficult to balance a successful, thriving business with personal and family responsibilities and still have time to recharge. 

Learning to delegate is the most liberating skill you will ever gain. It's a true path to ever increasing long term success. 

Let us schedule your hair cuts, doctor's appointments and manage your bills. 

We can manage your special occasions, select and send flowers for a birthday, design and schedule eChristmas cards and price and order gifts for your loved ones. 

We can even research and organize your vacations and business trips. From transportation accommodation, experience research expense management and holding down the fort while you're out of office, we have your back! 


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Build Your Team and Build Your Dream