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Furniture Stores Are Utilizing
US Based Virtual Administrative Professionals
to Get Ahead. 

Furniture stores nation wide are learning the benefits and savings they gain from offloading daily administrative tasks associated with:

Scheduling and managing furniture deliveries to include: 
-Scheduling the delivery in communication with the buyer
-Updating store inventory
-Assigning the correct commission to the sales person(s) who made the sale
-Managing store phone calls and assigning them to the appropriate call
k if necessary.

Managing customer service related to returns: 
-Managing phone calls/emails associated with returns            
-Working with the client and store to facilitate a resolution           
-Managing all agreed to exchanges, returns, parts ordering, etc.

Let's Meet About Your Needs

Where is Your Time Better Spent?

Hiring and managing staff is a full time job. When you utilize Cascade Virtual assistants, you offload:

  • ​Monthly timesheet and payroll management 

  • Daily staff oversight (all accounts come with a dedicated Online Business Manager to make sure tasks are moving forward daily)

  • Processing annual administrative staff tax forms

Build Your Team And
Build Your Dream with Cascade Virtual

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