Why Choose Us?

Cascade Virtual

offers the most experienced

virtual assistants

in the U.S.   


We recruit and hire U.S. based assistants, many with 10+ years working  in Fortune 500 companies. Many also have business building experience and/or have specialized skills.  Each assistant is selected after a lengthy interview process and criminal background check. This ensures they are capable, reliable and mature enough to succeed daily on every project they are assigned.

How does this benefit you? 

Your Virtual Assistant will use their skills and experience to get going on your tasks right away helping you accomplish your daily to-do list, push your goals forward and allow you to be present for what really matters. 



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Affordable & Adaptable

You can change or cancel your plan anytime.

Friendly & Focused

We love helping clients, it's what we do. Meet some of our best and brightest.

Stick with one assistant or let us build you a team of specialists.


We love to connect clients with potential business. Check out The Up & Coming.

All assistants stay current in latest technology trends, and we help clients decide the best opportunities to delegate. 

For All

Try Out Life With A Virtual Assistant -FREE

We're so confident that having virtual staff is the necessity you need, we'll pair you with an expert assistant to complete your first task FOR FREE. Test driving a task is a great way to take a look at what can be delegated to create time for what is important. 

No obligation to continue or credit card required.