Here’s what it really boils down to…what is your time worth to you? Are you spending your time creating more income for yourself, or are you too busy doing the day-to-day work that you could be paying someone else to do?

Imagine This:

(all figures are examples)

  1. If you have a billable rate of let’s say $200/hr, and you’re spending five hours a week doing day-to-day, repetitive work…that’s $1000 week you could ultimately be losing.
  2. At Cascade Virtual, packages start at $179 a month. Hiring a  regular employee could be upwards of $40-50 an hour when you include benefits, vacation time, etc.
  3. By freeing up your time, you just made an extra $860/week or $3440 a month.
  4. Annually, you would spend $7280 a year on a VA vs. $52,000.00 on yourself.
  5. You can potentially earn an extra $44,720.00 per year.
  6. If your goal is to have more family or free time…is that worth $140/week?

Finding the right support services for your practice isn’t rocket science…but it is time-consuming. You can do everything yourself…but what is your time worth? What would you do with 5-10 extra hours each week?

Grow your practice by delegating and see what a difference it will make to not only your well-being but also your bottom line.

Tasks that a virtual assistant Can Do For Your Law Practice:

  1. Onboard clients.
  2. Schedule client callbacks & appointments.
  3. Client intakes.
  4. Request 911 calls when needed.
  5. Interview potential witnesses.
  6. Request and follow up on medical records.
  7. Collect information from clients and witnesses.
  8. Pull inspection reports.
  9. Schedule depositions.
  10. Send gifts, letters, and notes to clients or other lawyers.
  11. Organize events and seminars.
  12. Research

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