Having the opportunity to do business, build a household and chase your dreams means three things:

1. Opportunity is endless through the amazing invention of the internet.

2. Creativity abounds because now we really know their is more then one way to skin a cat and also ways currently left yet undiscovered.

3. Outsourcing is an opportunity for all facets of life.

One tried and true necessity ,however, that has and will remain the same, as long as we have an opportunity to be on this plant, is the unequivocal benefit associated with human to human recommendation. Whether it’s social media likes, follows, shares or shout outs, a review blog or vlog; the relevance we associate with person to person recommendation is the reason we show up to business after hours, play golf during the summer and attend fundraiser after fundraiser to support the causes we commonly believe in.

Having worked as a virtual assistant and now to be operating a virtual assistant platform, there are three major takeaways that I still believe to be the most unique benefits of the occupation:

1. Working with various clients in various fields allows for the opportunity to learn new software on a regular basis. Software that you are able to recommend to clients across your reach if you think it could be beneficial.

2. One thing always leads to another when working daily to assist in the build of client dreams which often leads to an inevitable expertise in the world of business. This allows for virtual assistants to build a knowledge base of success to pass on client to client. While the first and cardinal rule of virtual assisting is NEVER SHARE CLIENT TRADE SECRETS, an assistant does maintain sharp skills with regard to common processes required to establish, build and maintain steady growth towards success.

3. The opportunity for client connections is often obvious and  substantial. Having the chance to work with clients who have such a breadth of skills and business plans also leads to an opportunity to draw connections between clients that could be a good business fit for one another.

Over this past year Cascade Virtual has had the great fortune of working with Fortune 500 Branding Expert,  Howard A. Lim, who also owns  HOW Creative and Martha M. Veon, The Navigation Coach and Founder of MVM Coaching US.

Both Howard and Martha shared a virtual assistant through Cascade Virtual who assists Howard with the daily operations of social media, content creation, client follow up and email marketing while also helping Martha move forward with business development to include web design and the creation of marketing materials.

As their virtual assistant worked daily on each account it soon became apparent through discussion that Martha was in need of business branding capable of setting her coaching/mentoring business apart. With that, Martha and Howard’s virtual assistant consulted with each client to ensure they would be comfortable and interested in a meeting with each other to discuss the possibility, need and/or necessity of working together.

By the following week, Martha became a client of Howard’s and he immediately began the process of establishing a stand alone platform for Martha. Because of their established relationship with their shared virtual assistant, the assistant continued to work with both client’s, as well s, now facilitating meetings and follow up work between the two.

Today Martha and Howard are gearing up to bring residents of  Iowa the very effective, “Brand it Right, Ignite Your Profits” Seminar this August. Click Here for more details and to purchase your tickets.