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What's AN ONLINE Launch? 

  • Are you a life/business coach looking for clients?

  • Are you trying to fill your course with paying participants?

  • Do you have a product to sell?

  • Are you looking for your tribe of paying customers?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above and you're sick of spending money on ads that don't work, you need to activate your first online launch. 

An online launch is your one-stop shop to locate those who are looking for the message/product you are selling, introduce those people to why they need what you are selling, and close the deal with those who are ready to buy-in. 

how does it work?
Your launch team is activated for 4 weeks!
Thats 100 available and  dedicated hours towards the sale of your product 

Pre Planning

week 1

Set attainable sales and participation goals that promote business growth as a result of each launch. 

Find Your Tribe

week 2

Foster a warm audience leading up to your launch including communication with current tribe members, advertisement to potential tribe participants, and closing possible pre-sales. 

Launch Week


Manage the technical and communication backend of your 7-day launch allowing you to present with confidence while we manage the internal works. 

Post Launch  

week 4

Complete final communication with participants, close final sales, provide an overview report and plan for your next launch. 

For Just $2500/Launch

You will receive:

  • One month of dedicated service from an experienced launch team who has a plan for your success. 

  • Pre-planning to include establishing goals for the launch, the first of which is always having the launch pay for itself. 

  • 7 days of technical/communication support during your launch.

  • Post launch wrap up and planning.

Each launch will build upon your reason to make the next launch that much more successful. 

Organic sales through the art of delegating and launch is the only proven effective method of locating your tribe of buyers/followers who are eager to purchase what you are selling and offer positive reviews. 

Does your business qualify?

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