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Martha Veon- The Navigation Coach


Making the decision to start a business is the easy part. Building a business……… that's hard work. 


I hung out my shingle as a Navigation Coach in 2016. I knew I had the skill set to help others navigate sticky situations in their professional careers and the keen eye needed to support playwrights and authors while finalizing a manuscript before publishing. 


What I didn’t count on were all of the necessary steps required to get my business up and running and keep it moving forward while I serve the clients who need me. 


Cascade Virtual was a life saver and a game changer when it came to identifying my streams of income, identifying tasks I could delegate to regain my time and getting me started on social media. 


My team of assistants were instrumental in completing tasks like managing my business filing, updating my website, helping me cater to my tribe on social media, brainstorming and even personal tasks. 


My team at Cascade Virtual has become indispensable to the success of my business. Together we have been able to serve clients with excellence and make a splash in the world of coaching.

How Can Cascade Virtual Help Your Business Grow? 

Contact us today! 

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