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Meet Lauren

Lauren uses her administrative skills to push her clients businesses forward daily.

"Being a virtual assistant for Cascade Virtual has allowed me the flexibility to work from home. I can stay home and be present with my children, but still remain an active part of the work force. I love the variety of assignments and that I can adjust my work load and hours to fit with my family life. "

"Working with Lauren through my brand building process has been productive and efficient and I am always treated warmly and professionally."

Oren Jones


Meet Lindi

Lindi is often described as driven, passionate, professional and innovative. She is an expert at setting up and managing automations and AI editing. 

"My favorite part of being an assistant is the opportunity to  learn and master new skills and technology regularly. Knowing I am assisting in the success of my clients goals daily is why I became an assistant."

Woman with Patterned Shirt

"What would we do without Lindi. She has handled a variety of roles in our company and was able to pair us with other skilled assistants at Cascade when she felt the task was outside her wheel house."

Marian Cobalt

e-commerce CEO

Meet Andrea

Andrea is the ultimate professional with extended administrative and organizational experience.

"I love helping people. My skills give my clients the confidence they need to take care of the most important part of their business without any worries. Tell me where you want to be, I’ll help you get there faster"


"Andrea is absolutely wonderful! She is doing everything I need and have asked for. I’ve been very pleased with her response time and her ability to really make an impact quickly.

So grateful to find you guys, I have recommended you to my business partner and two clients."

Lauren Williams
HR Professional 

Meet Janine

I absolutely love being a VA for 5 reasons. One, I get to schedule my own hours. Two, I get to develop new skills (I have learned so much being a Virtual Assistant). Three, I get to network with people. Four, I get to pick who I want to work with and what interests me. And the fifth and final reason... I have absolutely 100% job satisfaction and love every minute of being a Virtual Assistant.  


Janine from Cascade Virtual has been an incredible addition to my company. In only a month of working with her, she's helped me iron out processes with my growing team and has stepped in to help with the ever growing workload of my team.

Holly Medwid

Meet Hannah

Hannah is a focused and dedicated professional with 10 years of experience as a corporate executive assistant. She has also mastered the administrative side of social media and helped her clients get noticed.

"I love getting to know my clients inside and out and being the right hand they rely on to accomplish their goals."

Woman with Grey Scarf

"Working with Hannah is always a pleasant experience. She is fast, responsive and talented. Thanks for always making me look good."

Dr. Neli Zara, MFT

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