Below is a sample of the services we offer. If you don’t see your needs listed feel free to reach out for a quote. We are happy to recruit and vet qualified virtual staff on your behalf. 

Administration & Organization

  • Manage your calendar or email

  • Client Follow-up and Manage Incoming Client Contacts

  • Data Entry

  • Update Leads from Meetings and Conferences

  • Update sales leads and prospect records

  • Input Orders and Create Invoices

  • Prepare Reports

  • Update eBay or Shopify Sites

  • Make Travel Reservations and Itineraries

  • Vacation Research or Itinerary of Activities for Visitors

Content Development

  • Develop Blog Posts and Press Releases

  • Develop and Update Content on Your Website

  • Design a Marketing Email

  • Journal Article Proof Reading and Editing

  • Develop Product Guides

  • Proof Your Website for Wording, Consistency of Language, Grammar, Syntax

  • Write/Post Your Holiday, Greetings, and Thank-You Messages on Your Behalf

Website Development

  • Non-Editable Brochure (Static) Website

  • Editable Brochure Website that Requires a Content Management System

  • Editable, Dynamic Website, with User Engagement and Self-Managed Through a Content Management System.

  • E-Commerce Site Integrated with a Payment Gateway or Banks

  • A Web Application that Requires Bespoke Functionality or Processes

Social Media Marketing

  • Make Better Use of your Social Media

  • Identify Best Platforms for Your Goals

  • Grow Followers, Connections

  • Develop Posts and Ads to Post on Platforms

  • Analyze Impact of Ad Campaign via Analytics

  • Grow your Presence and Influence through Social Media Platforms


  • Research Competitors to Your Business

  • Investigate a Potential Line of Research, Potential Product and its Current Availability

  • Develop a Reference List for a Future Research Study

  • Identify Content Experts to Support your Next Project

  • Review Products Against Criteria

  • Develop and Edit PowerPoint Presentation

  • Edit a Bibliography or In Text Citations Against Bibliography by Requested Style

  • Research Community Activities


  • Appointment setting

  • Pet and Family related tasks

  • Tying up loose ends

  • Anything else you can think of…..try us!