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10 Things A Virtual Social Media Manager Can Do To Get You Noticed

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Social media is EVERYTHING. We advertise, network and connect. As much as social media can help your business, it can feel like quite the time suck.

Here are 10 tasks a Virtual Social Media Manager can do for you and your business.

1. Content Calendar Management- Design and schedule posts to create and maintain your organic and consistent social media presence.

2. Social Media Scheduling- The art of social media scheduling guarantees the best posts at the optimum time that lead to the most exposure.

3. Social Media Ad Management- Creating Ad's that get noticed will ensure your marketing budget....or lack there of leads to the results you are counting on.

4.Moderate Facebook Group's- Facebook Groups are a great way to build trust. They require daily focus and consistent response.

5. Moderating Social Media Comments- Social media comments serve dual purpose as feedback for the business owner and reviews for potential customers. Don't underestimate the importance of reading and responding to each.

6. Uploading to YouTube- Uploading a video to YouTube is never just uploading a video to YouTube. Keywords, links, subscribes and content, oh my!

7. Creating Graphics- Our world is visual, you social media should be too.

8. Newsletter Creation- Newsletters are a great way to build your email list, feature partners and offer giveaways.

9. Create Opt-in Freebies- Opt. in freebies are the key to growing your presence in markets you never knew about and who never knew about you.

10. Analyze Key Metrics and Tweak Strategy as Needed- Analyzing facts will allow your current strategy to become your strategy for success.

Assigning these tasks to your Virtual Social Media Manager gives you the confidence of knowing your business is growing online while you focus on the work you are meant to do.


Are you ready to take back your time?

We will match you with the perfect Virtual Assistant for your needs.

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