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101 Things You Can and Should Offload to Your Virtual Assistant If You Want to Reach Peak Success

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Virtual Assistants are rapidly becoming the not so secret workforce contributing to the increased success of businesses and busy people worldwide.

Learning to delegate is by far the single greatest contributor to lower stress levels and a quicker path to success. Before you take on virtual staff, take a moment to make the following lists so you know what you are looking for:

1. Things you hate doing. (This should be easy)

2. Things you can't do yourself. (They are called experts for a reason)

3. Things you shouldn't be doing. (You may need some assistance from someone who knows and loves you to decide what these are)

Email & Schedule Management

One of the biggest time-sucks for professional’s and busy people is going through the daily inbox of emails and managing an ever changing daily schedule. Finding the right Virtual Assistant (we recommend an assistant in your time zone) to get to know your likes, dislikes, necessities, must haves and meeting preferences will save you the time you don’t have while allowing those hours to be better spent elsewhere.

1. Manage spam/ Filter emails

2. Manage customer service emails/chat

3. Update database/ CRM contacts

4. Create & send invites, greetings, emails, etc.

5. Manage daily calendar requests/changes

6. Schedule appointments/manage cancellations/set reminders

7. Manage travel planning and schedule arrangements.


Entrepreneurs and busy people have an idea a minute. Managing daily business/life needs while growing income streams can be a lot to handle. Virtual Assistants are great at implementing systems and processes designed to decrease necessary steps and keep you organized.

8. Google Drive/ DropBox/ Trello/ Airtable Organization

9. Data Entry

10. Create/Manage Spreadsheets or CRM

11. Prepare Powerpoint Presentations.

12. Managing and Maintaining Competitor Research.

Administrative/ Blogging/ Personal Tasks

Administrative tasks are often the basic backbone of a Virtual Assistants professional abilities. When it comes to administrative needs, consider your Virtual Assistant as a jack-of-all-trades.

13. Transcription video/audio

14. eBook layout/ formatting

15. Meeting minutes, preparation & management

16. Running reports

17. Form creation

18. Managing your scheduler

19. Template creation

20. Online research

21. Lead generation and follow up

22. Blog starts/ publishing/management

23. Moderating Comments

24. Adding tags and relevant hashtags

25. Receptionist duties

26. Voicemail management/ call backs

27. Invoicing

28. Basic bookkeeping

29. Personal errands (gift selection/ purchase, dr./dentist appointment scheduling, pet care, etc.)

30. Project management

31. Training

32. Overseeing other staff

33. Creating handbooks/ training manuals

34. Train new staff

35. Track deadlines/ deliverable's

36. Manage e-commerce site

37. Social media management

38. Creating/managing/monitoring Facebook Fan Pages or groups and LinkedIn Networking Pods.

39. Promoting through social media & email marketing

40. Increasing social media following

41. Online networking

42. Create pinnable images/ scheduling/tracking

43. Create/edit/manage video uploads

44. Website updates

45. Posting blogs through various mediums

46. Blog research/creation

47. Utilize your assistant for family personal tasks.

48. Event management/organization

49. Event catering and accommodations

50. Guest list management and event live stream


If your contacts are not constantly increasing, your business reach and opportunity are not reaching their potential. Marketing requires a great deal of time, effort and creativity. Having a marketing sidekick that is just as invested in your business as you are is a must.

51. Manage lists in email marketing software

52. Adding/removing subscribers

53. Creating/scheduling emails

54. Managing follow up emails & auto responses

55. Editing/proofreading emails

56. Create newsletters with relevant content.

57. Edit audio files

58. Remove background noise on audio/video files

59. Add Intros & Outros

60. Add titles & names

61. Image editing

62. Podcast plugin installation

63. Podcast promotion

64. Podcast submission to major outlets

65. Podcast ads./networking on social media

66. Content creation/ Ghost blogging

67. SEO management

68. Press release writing/submission

69. Features in other newsletters

70. Copy writing

71. Directory/ award category submission

72. Article feature/ speaker feature or booking

73. Article marketing/ speaker feature marketing

74. Strategic partner development

SEO Web Marketing

Having a well versed SEO/ Web Marketing Virtual Assistant will enable your content to be positioned and marketed for long term traffic.

75. Site analysis

76. Keyword search

77.Create/manage landing pages

78. Webmaster submission

79. On-Page optimization (post specific)

80. Site Map Submission

81. Off-Page optimization (post specific)

82. Social bookmarking

83. Blog commenting

84. Forum participation/moderation

85. Create backlinks/ link building

86. Weekly/monthly analytics & traffic reports

87. Monthly keyword ranking

Graphic/ Web Design

Part of your image and branding circulates around the theme, color scheme, fonts and messages attached to your business.

88. Logo design

89. Banner, icon, header, campaign design.

90. Infographics

91. Website design/mockups

92. Landing page creation

93. Payment/ scheduler integration.

Web Management/ Updates

Not having a website is a missed opportunity for the customers who may need you most to be able to find you.

94. Website updates

95. Make the best use of plugins and Apps. available

96. Customization

97. Functionality enhancement across technology devices

98. Site maintenance/ security measures.

99. CRM/social media integration

100. Payment gateway management

101. Email ticketing system

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