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12 Questions To Ask A Virtual Assistant Before Hiring Them

Give yourself a pat on the back, You have been handling ALL your business by yourself. You have found yourself at the point where you just can't do it by yourself anymore!

That's ok, We got you.

Know what you are looking for..

Do you know what tasks you want to outsource?

Here are questions you can ask during your interview with a VA…

1 - How long have you worked in a remote/virtual capacity?

Find out how their experience relates to being able to assist you.

2- What do you consider your core skills and services?

Find out if they have a lot of experience in the areas you need help with.

3- What communication methods do you prefer?

It is important to know you both are on the same page communication-wise.

4- Where are you located?

While it may not have a huge impact, It could make a big difference if you require attention during specific hours.

5- What are your work hours and how many other clients are you servicing on a weekly basis?

This will help you decide whether you think they have enough time to complete your tasks.

6 - Will my work be subcontracted to someone else?

While most important is that the task is complete, it is important to know who has your info.

7- What software do you have experience with?

Find out if this VA has experience in the programs you need help with/ and or are willing to learn.

8 - What security measures do you have in place ( ex.cyber ).

Your VA will have access to your personal information, make sure it is protected.

9- Do you have a private office space?

For calls, you may need your VA in a private quiet workspace.

10- You have a deadline when your computer crashes, what do you do?

Do they save their work where it can be accessed or will they have to redo it?

11 - Do you have client testimonials?

Proof, we all need proof.

12 - What is your favorite task?

Does it match the type of work you will be needing them to complete.

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