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22 Reasons All Lawyers Need A Virtual Assistant

For established law firms and those just starting out, it's easy to feel like you have to do everything yourself in order to succeed and keep your doors open.

Learning to delegate to a trustworthy and hardworking Virtual Assistant at a cost you can afford will be the best investment you have ever made in the sustained, long-term success of your practice.

If you are spending way too much time tracking down clients and witnesses or scheduling calls, meetings or depositions, you already have a reason to hire a Virtual Assistant.

Could you make more money and have more satisfied clients by delegating tasks so you can focus on billable hours? Here's a list of a few more things a Virtual Assistant can take off your plate:

  1. Scheduling Depositions

  2. Contacting Witnesses

  3. Client Intake

  4. Email Management (filing, routing, replying on behalf, etc.)

  5. Calendar/Schedule Management and Meeting Confirmation

  6. Zoom Meeting/Conference Management and Business Travel Planning and Management

  7. CRM Updates/Maintenance and Removal of Duplicate and Incorrect Contacts

  8. Fact Checking, Research Assistance, Data Gathering

  9. Take Calls/Return Voicemails/Texts

  10. Newsletter/Survey Creation and Management

  11. Social Media and Marketing Support (create relevant content, interact with groups, information relevant to the community)

  12. Online File Management and Mail Screening-Forwarding

  13. Record Keeping- Accounting, Research, Competitive Pricing, Expenses, Data

  14. Facilitate Committee/Board Interaction and Organization

  15. Event Planning/Coordination

  16. Document and Presentation Creation and Updates

  17. Vendor/Network Interaction and Management

  18. Project Assistance and Reporting

  19. Billing Disputes

  20. Meeting Preparation/Note Taking

  21. Client Retention/Community Opportunities to Give Back/Support

  22. Coordinate Personal Tasks For You and Your Family (appointments, reservations, holiday cards, home service scheduling, all things vacation)

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