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Kick Off Your Coaching Business in 3 Easy Phases

Updated: May 18, 2022

So you've decided you want to start your coaching business!!

Congratulations! You may have been told this is a saturated industry, but the truth is, no two coaches are the same, there is a tribe of people who will resonate with you and your message and believe me, there are enough clients for everyone.

So now you are probably asking yourself… How do I start?

Our Virtual Assistants work with coaches in various fields daily to push their businesses forward while they continue to connect with the people who need their services the most.

Below are the phases of building a coaching business that we have gathered along the way while assisting various coaches towards success:


1.Choose your business name

You want your business name to be unique to you and what you do. Your Virtual Assistant can give you some great ideas if you get stuck and do a little research on coaches you may be similar to. Don’t forget to search your government’s site for anyone else who might have taken that name first. A Virtual Assistant can help brainstorm your business name if you need to make a small tweak in order to ensure the name is unique to you. Plus it will help us understand you and your mission. How are you taking over the world;).

2. File for an EIN number and Register your business

You will need an EIN number to claim your business expenses and file your taxes. Check with your city and state requirements regarding applying for a business license as well.

3. Register your business with your state.

You can choose from options like LLC, Sole Proprietor, etc. Choose the option that fits you best both tax wise and type of business.

4. Open a business bank account

Having a business bank account will help you keep your business and personal records separate. Come tax time you’ll realize how important it is to keep business and personal expenses recorded separately and it will allow you to take not of how much your business scales over the years.


1. Reserve your online presence- Purchase your domain, secure social media handles and a business email. Google (G Suite) is a great option for business email. You can use to make sure your website domain isn’t already owned by someone else and purchase the domain you would like.

2. Get your money! Set up your online payment processor.

PayPal is a go to for taking secure online payments. There are other payment processing options like Square and Stripe. You can set up a one time or ongoing payments depending on the client you are working with.

3. Get your clients! Pick a scheduler.

We recommend Calendly. It integrates with many other programs and platforms making scheduling calls a breeze. Plus they have a free basic version….double plus!

4. Storage/File sharing

The most common and user friendly options and our number one picks are Google Drive and Dropbox. Both allow you to securely store and share documents for your business.

5. Basic client agreement

You don’t want to scare anyone, but you also want to be sure you and your clients are protected. With any business that has clients, you need an agreement. Your Virtual Assistant can send you some samples and help shape your paperwork.

6. Signature service

When your prospect is ready to sign your client agreement, Hello Sign and Adobe Sign will make it a breeze. This allows you to have your paperwork collected prior to your first session.

Virtual Assistants are extra effective at managing your coaching business set up systems and getting you organized.


1. No website, no business

A Virtual Assistant will bring your vision to LIFE with a website that gives a clear picture of who you are, what you're about and who you're looking for. Click here for an affordable website design you can be proud of. You may also want to consider rounding out your branding with a logo and a one sheet.

2.The right social media will be free advertisement for the life of your business.

The trifecta of business social media are:

A Virtual Assistant will help you optimize your profiles and put out content that speaks to your target audience. Virtual assistants are consistently improving with regard to technology. Ask your Virtual Assistant to assess new Social Media Platforms (i.e. Clubhouse and TikTok) to see if they are platforms that will be right for your message.

CLICK HERE for more ways a Virtual Assistant can support your coaching business.

You are not alone on this journey. Cascade Virtual- Virtual Assistants For Busy People will be with you every step of the way. Let’s do this! CONTACT CASCADE VIRTUAL

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