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7 Reasons Hiring a Virtual Assistant Through an Agency is the Best Thing for Your Business

If you are still on the fence about hiring through an agency and know you need a Virtual Assistant if you are going to reach your goals this year, here are 7 reasons that might seal the deal for you:

  1. Insurance- Virtual Assistants manage their own health insurance benefits because they are independent contractors.

  2. Retirement- Virtual Assistants manage their own retirement benefits taking it out of the realm of responsibility for their clients .

  3. Taxes- When you hire through an agency an assistants 1099 comes from the agency not from your company so its not anything you have to remember. You can, however ask the agency for a print out of yours expenses to include the money spent working with your virtual assistant.

  4. Time Sheets- The agency you hire will make sure time sheets to justify hours spent are available to you daily.

  5. Payroll- The agency you hire to pair you with the best Virtual Assistant for your needs will manage monthly payroll for all of your assistants every month.

  6. Background Checks/Vetting- Agencies vet assistants before allowing them to work off of their platform. In this agency specifically we run a background check, call past employers and interview the assistants personally before they ever have the opportunity to meet a client.

  7. Oversight- Agencies work with assistants and clients to ensure the best working environment possible for both and ensure tasks are moving forward on a daily basis.

If you think we might be a good fit for your Virtual Assistant needs, lets chat!

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