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Coach or Consultant? What's the difference?

Updated: May 18, 2022

As humans continue to adapt our educational and self care opportunities to be both available and credible from experts on the internet, the realm of coaching/consulting is exploding!

With opportunities for specialized one/on/one or small group care and micro credentialing from people who are living the success story we are striving for, taking a course from a coach and seeking training from a consultant is becoming the alternative to a college education for small business owners while self care coaching programs are the practical application alternative to therapy for those who are struggling.

So when you hang out your shingle as a coach or consultant, which title are you going to go with and what's the difference?

Below is a list of commentary from coaches/consultants and their answers to the question: "Are you a coach or a consultant and what do you think the difference is".

Simon S.

Depends on the client. I prefer to be a coach. The difference is that less questions are asked and more results are accomplished Coaching implies more responsibility for the outcome. Consulting is more of an effort.

Lindsey S.

I’m a consultant. I offer sales strategy based on 20 years of experience. To me a coach helps people come to an idea on their own and a consultant offers ideas. I’ve used both and both are effective for different things. I can take what they have and evaluate it to pinpoint what is and is not working and make recommendations for what steps to take to improve results Or come up with new ideas from scratch Rob P.

I can add an extra zero to the invoice when I'm a consultant versus a coach. Companies will pay more for consultants and for more hours than they will for a coach.

Andrea C. I agree with Rob. Large companies hire consultants and don't mind paying large amounts for a good one. They aren't looking for a cheerleader, they want a path to the result they desire without any frills or fluff.

Cassia C. Coaching and consulting are different ways to help people. A coach asks questions to help people look deep down inside and find the answers they need the most. A consultant might not only guide the client but usually find the best practical answer for the question at hand. Miranda M.

I'm both! I primarily market as a money coach for entrepreneurs. However, I provide consulting for those who need to overhaul their business finances. The difference is that coaching is typically more emotional while consulting is 100% results driven, with a DFY component.

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