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Developing your task list

As a virtual assistant agency, we have found that most clients who are new to having a VA tend to need around 20 hours of service a month to push tasks forward daily but have trouble getting tasks established upfront to make delegating a seamless process.

As a result, we've developed the following checklist for clients to begin the process of outlining tasks that can be offloaded to a trusted virtual assistant who will keep business and personal needs moving forward daily.

THINGS YOU HATE DOING: We all have those daily tasks that are required and necessary to keep things moving forward but that we just hate doing. Although they have to get done, they don't have to get done by you. Offload those to your assistant and regain your peace know they are done to standard and off your plate.

THINGS YOU SHOULDN'T DO: There are tasks we take on because we're used to wearing multiple hats or think that we have to do them until our business takes off enough to hire staff. The truth is, investing in the right staff member will push your business forward that much faster and save you the money you would have invested in a program you can't figure out how to use.

THINGS YOU CAN'T DO: There are things we are good at, and things that would be better placed in the hands of others. What are the things that are outside of your wheelhouse but necessary for success?

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