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Focus on Your Genius, Delegate the Rest

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

As a business owner, you end up learning and working all aspects of your business from taxes to bookkeeping, social media/marketing to inventory. Sometimes we wish we could do it all. But let's be honest here, you can't successfully do all of that and focus on growing your business. There’s just not enough time in a day.

Here are 26 tasks that you can offload to your Cascade Virtual Assistant.

Admin Tasks

Inbox detox - We’ll get rid of what you don’t need like spam mail.

Inbox management - We’ll categorize your emails and put in their own folders.

Schedule management - We’ll stay on top of your calendar/schedule.

Proofing - We’ll look over your work. It’s always good to have a second pair of eyes.

Bookkeeping - So many receipts. We’ll input those into your bookkeeping program and store them in the appropriate folder.

Travel Plans/Restaurant reservations - Tell us where and when and we’ll get it set up.

Invoicing - Give us the information, we’ll send it out.

Data entry - Give it to us, we’ll enter it into your program.

Research - Research can be very time consuming. Give us what you are looking for and we’ll do the research.

Creative Tasks

Content creation - Give us your vision, and we will write it out in a social media post/blog and or your website.

Graphic design - Tell us what you want and we will create it.

Video editing - Do you have event/personal videos you’d like to make a little more fun or structured? Send it over, we will edit it the way you like.

Photo editing - Need something taken out or just sharpened up a bit? Hand it over.

Social Media

Ad Creation/Management - Don’t know Facebook ads? Don't worry we got a manager for that.

Content calendar - Have your VA plan out your social media post for a calendar month.

Post schedule - After approving your content, we use a scheduler to automatically post for you.

Creating graphics - Fast, easy, beautiful social media post at your request.

Newsletter creation - Have a weekly/monthly newsletter you send out to your clients? Stuck writing the content and or just sending it out on time? We have a VA for that.

Facebook group moderation - Don’t have time to vet all members into your facebook group, or moderate comments and posts? We have the time.


Creation of your website - Tell us your vision and we will get it on a website.

Connecting domains - Don’t know much about domains and how to connect them to your website? We can connect them for you.

Copywriting/content creation - All your copywriting on your webpage can be written by your VA.

Blog formatting - Your VA can add blogs to your website using the right format.

Website maintenance - Changes needed on your website? Your VA can take care of it.

Analytics - You need a report on how many people visit your website, how many clicks there was a month. We can break it down for you.

SEO - Every website needs SEO, your VA can take care of that.

Amazing right? All of these tasks can be done for you.

Need a team? We have that too.

At Cascade Virtual, our main focus is to get you closer to your goals. It’s literally what we do!

Are you ready to take the leap? We would love the opportunity to help you achieve your dreams!

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