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Living in this Zoom world

Since nearly the beginning of this pandemic the whole world has gone virtual, specifically with the use of Zoom.

Teachers, students and more business owners are now Zooming with their employees, students and clients on a daily basis.

As a 100% virtual company, we heavily rely on video conference software for our Virtual Assistants and our clients to help push the businesses and professionals we work with forward every day and meet and mingle with each other.

Here are some tips to make your life a little easier in a virtual setting:

Recording a meeting when you are not the host

1. On your browser, go to (depending on the country you are in you will be routed to the version that is country specific) and log into your account.

2. Go to Settings>Recording tab.

3. Toggle on automatic recording

Muting and unmuting using your spacebar

1. Hold down your space bar to temporarily unmute yourself, and then let go of it to mute again.

Display names

1. On your browser go to Settings>Video

2. Check “always display participants' name on their video.”

Integrations Slack

1. Start your meetings right from slack and it will automatically integrate with Zoom.

Hide non video participants

1. Go to Settings>Video>Meetings

2. Check hide non video participants.

BONUS tips

How you look to others attending the meeting

Have you seen that commercial where the guy is in a video interview, his desk falls and he isn't wearing pants… LOL. A VA’s secret... pants are not necessary in these meetings. No. One. Needs. To. Know.

Aside from the normal things like brushing your hair… Here are some tips on how to look good on your zoom call:

Lighting matters

Place your laptop in front of a window with great lighting.

You want your participants to focus on you, and not what's behind you

Set up a virtual background in your Zoom settings so your personal life stays personal.

Roaming Eyes

Look at your camera and not at yourself while speaking. Your recording will come out much more professional if you need to use it later for marketing purposes.

Although a large portion of American workers are unable to come into the office right now due to COVID restrictions, businesses have been able to continue to operate through the use of Virtual Assistants and technology that allows communication to flourish.

How to incorporate Zoom in your business

● Anything that can be done using a phone or a laptop can be done from home using Zoom as a meeting space.

● Employee training sessions - * record them for later reference.

● Meetings with prospects and current clients.

● Webinars and conferences.

Contact Cascade Virtual today and see how a VA can assist you with your Zoom sessions. - Virtual Assistants standing by.

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