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The Administrative Side of Social Media

Social media is an absolutely booming industry when it comes to marketing a company or brand.

We often recognize the final product of social media marketing (a perfectly edited video, an ad, an active and thriving group, etc.) as what a social media marketer does, but did you realize the highly administrative functions that go into successful social media efforts.

Below is a list of administrative tasks your virtual assistant can manage on your behalf to push your company closer to being a viral sensation:

Proofing: It's easy to miss punctuation or have a typo when creating content. Have your assistant look over the things you are putting out to make sure it will have the desired effect.

Collect Emails and Check New Group Member Requests: If people are requesting to join your group and you have an option for them to leave their email address, these emails will need to be collected manually and stored in a contact list or spreadsheet (the social media platform will not save these emails for you). Your virtual assistant can check this for you several times a day to ensure those wishing to gain access have that opportunity in a timely manner.

You will receive membership requests from real and fake accounts on a daily basis. Sometimes it's easy to tell which is which and sometimes it's not. Before allowing entry into your group, have your assistant preform a series of checks to test the accounts legitimacy before allowing them access to your group.

These checks can include:

  • Checking the persons friends list to make sure the friends of the account are real people and in the demographic you are hoping to attract.

  • Checking to see if the account is at least a year old.

  • Checking to see what other groups the person is in to make sure they align with the person gaining entry and aren't a bunch of fake spam accounts.

Engage: You are allowed a specific amount of direct messages daily to encourage group members to utilize your product or service. Have your assistant manage this contact effort being sure to send you the details of all who are ready to purchase.

Questions: It's not uncommon to get a daily group of messages from people who are interested in your product or have a question. You want to be sure you are keeping up with these messages in a timely fashion as well as keeping up with comments made throughout your social media pages to make sure spam or negativity are not being posted. Have your assistant do several checks a day to make sure things are moving along smoothly and respond to questions. Nothing goes as far a great customer service!

Emails/Newsletter: Are there important emails that you send out to your social media contacts on an ongoing basis?

These might be recently posted videos you want to draw their attention to, new blogs or a weekly/monthly newsletter.

Your assistant can not only proof these emails but make sure they are scheduled to go out and manage any responses received.

Your assistant can also help to make sure your list is staying up to date by verifying bounced emails and making sure those who unsubscribed are removed from sending to protect your send rate.

Any more you can think of?

If you are in the market for an excellent US based assistant, LET'S MEET!

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