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Thrive as a Team: 3 ways to create a badass team culture

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Creating a strong, motivated, and collaborative team at every level of a company is highly important to that company's success. A company cannot make serious gains without teamwork. Delegating is the language of successful people.

What is team culture: Team culture is the shared values, practices and beliefs that guide the way your team interacts with one another (including customers/clients).

When a talented team is able to work together in a positive space it creates a productive, creative and loyal workspace.

Three ways you can create a Badass team culture:

- Don’t be a robot, social time is important A big factor that has a huge impact on great team culture is friendship. Ideally, you want your team to like each other and form strong bonds. This encourages collective goals and open communication.

- Be the leader you needed. One defining factor of a great team is the relationship team members have with their management. You have an impact on how comfortable your team feels in approaching you. A great team culture comes when the relationship is one of mentorship, instead of a boss/employee type relationship.

- Develop individual and collective strengths in the team as often as possible Encourage your team members to learn. Show them the importance of teaching other team members. A team is only as strong as the weakest member. By encouraging your team to teach one another, you not only enrich bonds but strengthen capabilities.

At Cascade Virtual we specialize in teams. We value the importance of team culture, and the bonds we create with each other and with clients. Cascade’s assistants participate in a monthly Mastermind meeting that includes monthly training. We talk, laugh, work hard and work together to strengthen our skills individually and as a team.

Virtual Assistants standing by

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