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What if Your Highest Paying Client is in a Place You've Never Heard Of?

Finding ways to work in what I have come to loving call "metaverse version 1" (i.e. online) has shown everyone connected with my company just how many opportunities exist for business in the far reaches of the world and just how different catering to those opportunities are.

Today the world is at your fingertips, tomorrow maybe the universe. If you are not keeping up with the technology available to further your business, consider yourself a noncompetitive entity and be content with what you are able to accomplish.

Stop believing statements like "What if the internet disappeared tomorrow, then where would your business be?" Believe me, if the interest disappeared tomorrow you would have far greater worries, we all would.

Traditional institutions of higher learning and networking opportunities we all used to scramble for a spot in and pay through the nose for, just to have chance to build business connections are clambering and crumbling as their methods of operation become recognized as old technology.

More and more people are being technology shamed less and less as we begin to realize it as the only current method available if you are trying to reach an audience that extends further than your neighborhood.

So while colleges, universities, brick and mortars and networking organizations do what they can to stay afloat until they are able to establish a strong method of moving forward in the balance between two worlds, how can your company reach further then ever before? How will you meet, court and land your highest paying client yet that just a few years ago, you would have never had an opportunity to even meet? Let's get into it!

1.Video is the New You 2.0

If you're not utilizing video in meetings, to create marketing and to sell your product and yourself , you are no longer a competitor in this market.

People still do business with those they know, like and trust. The world has never been more social, accepting and accessible than it is right now. If you can find a video of me online but I can't find one of you, I will already assume we are not a good fit.

2. Groups: People Like to Click in a Click

The world wide web is a vast place full of infinite knowledge and opinions. It's overwhelming to try to sort through it all. People are still people and want to hangout with, draw ideas from and feel supported by people just like them.

Build out a group that is marketed to and accessible by all who would find a kindred spirit there. Sales will follow.

If you are saying to yourself right now that everyone is your are very, very wrong. Even the major religious organizations of our day with millions and millions of followers that have been around and available for endless periods of time do not consider everyone their demographic. Ask yourself , does my product or idea supersede Jesus' product/idea? I'll save you some time, no it does not.

Streamline your demographic and keep streamlining ....the only constant is change. If you are not growing, you are dying.

3. Automate and Hire a Robot Wrangler

If you're not taking advantage of cost effective automations that make sense for your marketing efforts and business flow, you are leaving yourself open to daily human error and burning the candle at both ends unnecessarily.

Don't be a martyr. There is no award for who can be the most exhausted, irritable and unsuccessful. An ounce of excellent virtual assistance and well set up automations is worth a pound of working every weekend towards the life you wish you had.

4. Multiple Streams of Income in an Online World are Just an Obvious No Brainer

Come to grips with the fact that if you're a business owner you're a marketer for that business on a daily basis before you are anything else, it's your full time job.

If you have hired the right team of virtual assistants to manage daily operations, your job in that scenario is to delegate to your team effectively, stay out of the way and see which direction your business grows between your marketing efforts and your teams management.

As your businesses most effective marketer, it will become obvious which courses, books, blogs, social media platforms, offers, swag, etc. you should be offering your audience.

Do them all, do them well.

If you are not building a sustainable business and could use a team, it's what we are known for!

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