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Why businesses should streamline

Automating processes is becoming a go-to in the business world and is a key factor to having an efficient, successful workflow.

What does it mean to automate my processes?

Automating processes is the use of digital technology to carry out a recurring task, or where manual effort can be replaced. Basically, it’s moving from human capital to robot capital.

Our three top FAVS to automate:

Booking Calls

  • For any business to succeed and survive, you need customers/clients to be in the door/on your website, purchasing your services/products and that means being able to get in touch with you. It’s not uncommon for people to want to have a conversation before deciding you are the company/person they want to do business with. The old adage is true - people do business with people they like.

  • If you are booking calls manually, it's time to automate that time consuming task. This means stop playing calendar tag and start sending out your calendar link for potential customers to pick a time and date that works best for them, but within the parameters you set and have a chat.

  • We can't say this enough... focus on your genius.

  • We recommend:

Email Marketing

  • Nurture your audience with your email sequence to increase sales, and convert them into prospects.

  • The right email sequence, paired with the right delivery cadence equals sales gold!

  • Be sure to have plenty of touch points and calls to action in each email so each time your potential client gets a little more information about your capabilities, set the automations and the technology will do the rest.

  • We recommend:

Social Media

  • Your online presence is important! BUT posting on social media is very time consuming. Use a scheduler to post for you!

  • The right scheduler will let you automate your posts in a way that looks natural.

  • Save and recycle your posts, people need to be reminded of your capabilities and services.

  • We recommend:

Don't know where to start?

We got you.

Contact us today to get your business streamlined.

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