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Why Learning To Delegate Is The Most Important Step Towards Success You Will Ever Take

It’s impossible to be an effective leader or successful business owner without leveraging your strengths and delegating work that doesn't NEED to be done by you. Learning to delegate breeds efficiency in all areas of your life while allowing you the time and support to perfect your craft or grow your business, increase your skills and give you back hours in your day to create the work-life balance you desire.


Entrepreneurs believe in the beginning that if they just dedicate themselves to their business enough, they can run all necessary areas of their company on their own. For some, this is a phase that passes quickly when they realize their time is no longer available to cater to the craft that made them a business owner in the first place. Others only realize the quicksand they’re in after it's too late and they’ve spent countless hours running in place rather than continuing to grow.

As a business owner, focusing on your genius is the best thing you can do and will leave time and space for your growing business to attract new connections and opportunities through pairing with the genius of others.

All businesses require a supportive team to continue to grow. Building your team not only leads to groundbreaking ideas but extends your reach as each person who becomes invested in the success of your initiative through employment or opportunity propels your success. Let’s face it, choosing to spend 24 hours/ 7 days a week might be an option for running a business, but it’s also a direct path to certain collapse of both you and everything you are working so hard for.

Do yourself, your family, your business, and the rest of us a favor and pick the path of success. We don't want to miss out on who you were meant to be either.


Effective leadership, in a nutshell, is the ability to lead a horse to water and get it to begin to drink. While you are an important piece of your puzzle, the reality is, if your team can't operate in your absence, your delegation needs improvement.

Building a team and effectively delegating tasks to each member of that team defines your management style and hones your management skills. Without effective delegating, you are only demonstrating your own ability to complete tasks and neglecting the refinement of managing other people, organizing tasks for a collective result, and moving your organization towards success. If your annual SMART goals do not include delegating, they should.


What is your time worth? Time is a nonrenewable resource that escapes through peoples fingers rapidly and without warning. You have the potential to go home for the day at a reasonable hour, not work weekends and still feel like you are giving it your all, while tucking away memories with friends and family that refresh and renew you awhile promising positive end of year results.

Deciding which tasks you don’t like doing or tasks that would be better suited in the hands of another does not make you ineffective or incapable. Delegating speaks only to your ability to recognize your strengths and the strengths of others. We call this speaking the language of successful people.


Choosing to build a team through the art of delegating offers you greater success and offers the opportunity for those on your team to succeed. Your ideas are a vehicle for the future of many. That is a responsibility that you are not expected to shoulder on your own. Delegating offers a direct corridor to facilitating the greater good which is a responsibility for all and a necessity for those in leadership.

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