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Why now might be the best time to hire staff for your small business

COVID-19 has left all of us feeling uncertain about a lot of things. The new normal we have all been "getting used to" has been a shaky, at best, attempt to hang onto the life we are used to while scrambling to maintain the pursuit of the life we dream of.  

Perhaps you were well on your way to a  successful year, doing what you love and maintaining a fist full of goals because 2020 was going to be YOUR year. Perhaps your small business has been declared "unessential" and you are mandatorily seeking ways to conduct your successful business in a fashion that is fully online or resembling restaurant takeout. 

While it may feel like the only opportunity available to you is to teeter in isolation until this crisis is over and accomplish the most minimal required changes until you can go back to the comfort of doing things that will now be considered the "old" way, believe me when I tell you, if you thought taking the anxious leap into starting your business was the hardest you have ever worked, maintaining and thriving with your business in our new world will require everything you have and making the choice to do so, just like starting your business, will be 100% worth it.

But where do you start, where to get ideas, how do you cram it all into the 24 hours you have available each day? Never, in history, has the expression, two heads are better than one been more relevant. And, never in history, has the opportunity to bring about options in the lives of many through your own success been more prevalent. Now is the time to consider bringing on one or more virtual staff to move your goals to the next level.

Hiring virtual staff creates the perfect partnership of business owners and skilled talent for an affordable price. Not only will it allow you to establish long standing daily delegated tasks that you don't like to do anyway, but build an experienced team with a reach that will go the distance online. Cascade Virtual virtual staff are able to brainstorm with you as you move forward in the #shoplocal #shopsmall world together but without the overhead required when you hire a full or part time staff member with boots on the ground. Virtual staff are paid according to the hours worked. 

From building a website, building a social media presence, communication with clients, CRM organization, email campaigns and more, get back to the reason you went into business in the first place and leave everything else to your competent, professional and trustworthy virtual assistant., virtual assistants standing by! 

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