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Are You Ready to Streamline Your Coaching Business and Finally Start Making Money?







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If you are a NEW COACH, Cascade Virtual founder, Mackenzie Thomas- Business Growth and Delegation Strategist , would like to meet with you  to JUMPSTART YOUR BUSINESS!!

What You Can Expect:

Together we will utilize your current business goals to break down your business model and ensure its ability to reach those goals.  

Your breakdown will include:

  • A breakdown of the products/programs you are offering to ensure sale-ability. 

  • How your social media marketing goals align with your business goals.

  • Defining/refining your target audience.

  • Online marketing pillars you should be using that cater to your business.

  • Competitive analysis against professionals in your field. 

  • SWOT analysis to identify your current strengths and weaknesses.

  • A strategy that outlines steps to move forward!

By the end of our time together you will have:

A clearly defined offer.


A clear understanding of which social media outlets your tribe is on so you know where to invest your marketing dollars and energy.


Social media marketing methods to engage potential clients.


A strategy that outlines steps to get you moving towards your business goals.


A Facebook group starter guide to increase and engage group members and set you up for a successful online launch series. 


Delegating 101- You'll learn how to identify tasks that are necessary for your business but qualify as tasks that you hate doing, can't do and/or shouldn’t do and create a started to-do list for a virtual assistant to help you with. 

There is NO SECRET PRICING required for this service! The first 10 hours of VA service purchased will be used to work on strategy.  Once your strategy is complete we will pair you with a VA to work alongside you on implementing  the strategy and reaching the outlined goals!

20 hours a month is the most commonly selected package for coaches. Here is what they are using it for:

20 Hours (Month 1)

  • 10 hours used for business strategy with Mackenzie.

  • Website updates to match program strategy plan.

  • Facebook group creation

  • LinkedIn profile creation or overhaul

  • One page/media kit creation

  • Automations and process set up

20 Hours Monthly

  • Social media engagement

  • Scheduling

  • CRM management 

  • Launch support

  • Website updates

  • Email campaign follow up

  • Graphic creation

  • Bookkeeping

  • Blog editing

  • Personal tasks as needed

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What Clients Are Saying:


Frank Dominick

Adventure Coach

I’m happy with my team. Everything is going well. They understand my business and who my ideal client is and can relate with what they’re going through. Definitely meeting my expectations so far. We’re just getting started and I’m confident Cascade Virtual will exceed my expectations.

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