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Why Choose Us?

Company principals are at the heart of our 95%client retention rate.


1. SERVICE FIRST!: We are a service based company with a consistent track record of offering the most affordable and reliable service in the industry. 

2. A TEAM OF EXPERTS AND LIFE LONG LEARNERS: We hire U.S. based assistants, many with 10+ years working in Fortune 500 companies. Many also have business building experience and/or specialized skills and are committed to keeping up with trends in technology and the growing/changing fields of each client. 

3. A ONE STOP SHOP FOR OUR CLIENTS: "Can't" isn't in our vocabulary. If you have a task to complete, we will find the expert to complete it to satisfaction. If the task is beyond the boarders of our skill set, we will research and recommend the next best option to keep your business and busy life moving forward.