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Balancing Home and Work Life

You have always been a solopreneur. You wear all the hats, making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Well, maybe some things have fallen through the cracks. Your to-do list has grown and you need more time to get everything done.

Here are our top tips to help you balance life and work.

1 - Set priorities.

With demands of work and home you may be juggling roles and goals in your life. You want to be successful at work, have a happy personal life, happy kids, be happy as an individual, and a CLEAN HOUSE ;).....well, let’s be honest...with all of the above listed a clean house may not be a priority.

SOLUTION: There are only 24 hours in a day, so set time aside during your day based on your values.

2 - Plan ahead and set it in stone.

That business meeting you have on the 3rd is set in stone. You can't change it.

SOLUTION: Set up a weekly dinner date, or a family date. Treat it as that meeting you can't change. Treat it like it’s set in stone. Don’t break it.

3 - Time for yourself.

It is not selfish to take an hour a day to fill your cup. We give so much to others, but we need to remember to love ourselves and take care of ourselves too.

SOLUTION: Don’t let overflowing other cups be the only thing that makes you whole. You can’t fill other cups if yours is empty. Take the opportunity to fill your own cup and gain double portions to fill others. Consider this a challenge this month.

4 - Find your number 2 (or 3) person.

Another set of hands might just be what you need.

SOLUTION: If you have not yet hired a Virtual Assistant, what are you waiting for? Trade your stress for peace and success.……..Virtual Assistants Standing By!

Date night? Soccer game? School concert? Holidays?

At Cascade Virtual we got you, so you got them.

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