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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Agency? (+ Why We Might Just Be The Agency You Need)

So, how do you hire a VA agency and ensure you get a great agency with top-notch VAs who deliver quality?

There’s a good chance you have been looking online, trying to pinpoint the best company. A simple Google search or a quick search on popular review sites will turn up several virtual assistant services you can consider. But none of these websites actually helps you hire virtual assistants or a VA agency.

That’s what we are here for.

When it comes to choosing the best virtual assistant service, the main thing you need to base your choice on is your business needs and goals. From our experience, there are a couple of things we see most businesses care about when looking for VA services.

  • You want reliable VAs, so you care about the agency’s vetting process.

  • You want to make sure the VAs are great at their work, so you want to know about their area of expertise.

  • You want to ensure the company matches you with the right people who fit naturally into your business. So, the pairing process matters.

  • You are busy and don’t have time to constantly oversee and micro-manage the VAs, so you want to make sure that your target VA agency takes care of that for you.

  • You want to make sure that the partnership contracts you sign are flexible and plan for your changes needs.

  • You want to be sure the agency is affordable for your business, so the pricing rates and models also matter to you as well.

  • And more.

Based on that, we’ve identified 8 questions you must ask any VA agency before you sign a contract with them.

These questions are designed to ensure you understand the agency very well, and if you follow the framework, you’ll be able to ensure that the agency is the best fit for your business and its long-term success.

So, let’s get started.

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8 questions your VA agency needs to answer before you hire them

Asking the right questions before hiring a VA agency is the best way to ensure you’re investing in a partnership that will foster your business’s growth and efficiency.

Below are vital questions we recommend you ask your potential VA agency. This is based on what we see most of our clients at Cascade Virtual care about when they need VA services.

Plus, we’ve designed each question to provide clarity and secure the best match for your needs.

Question 1: What is their vetting process?

The first question you need to ask your virtual assistant agency is how they vet their VAs. This is your line of defense against unqualified or unsuitable candidates who may fail to alleviate your workload and also create more work in the long run.

The thing is that even if the company promises you the best perks if they just let anybody work for them, it’s a risky investment for you.

Ensuring they have an excellent process and cut-throat filters that weed out underqualified VAs and only work with the best is your first step to ensuring you get the best assistance with skilled and reliable VAs.

When inquiring about the vetting process, look for agencies that prioritize experience, skillset relevance, and character assessment.

They should have a thorough system that includes rigorous background checks, character references, reference checks, and a series of interviews and competency tests relevant to the tasks they will perform.

The more comprehensive the vetting process, the higher the likelihood that you’ll be matched with a VA who’s not just competent but also a good fit for your company culture.

Also, ask your potential VA agency about the primary base of their virtual assistants. If the agency has a diverse pool, they should be able to match you with a VA that suits your specific time zone and cultural requirements.

Lastly, from their vetting process, you want to ensure the agency strikes you as a team with high standards — with process and systems that implies the agency works with a specific type of VAs (or people, if you will) — not just random VAs working under the agency’s banner.

Question 2: How do their expertise and reliability pertain to your business and its needs?

Admittedly, there are a lot of great virtual assistant agencies out there. What matters the most is to find one that fits your business in terms of your needs and your goals.

The idea is that you’re not just looking for a helper; you’re looking for a partner in your business’s growth. Therefore, their services must be directly relevant and contribute tangibly to your operations.

What specific services do they offer talent for?

Start by checking if the agency offers the specific services you need and whether they specialize in certain areas. Make sure that the agency provides talent for the specific services or tasks you need.

Some virtual assistant service providers are generalists (with people who do general work such as administrative tasks, phone calls, data entry, calendar management, personal tasks, etc) while others specialize in particular niches such as real estate, e-commerce, social media management or digital marketing.

Find agencies that either specialize in your industry or have a broad range of services, ensuring their VAs are equipped to handle the diversity of tasks you may assign.

What is the VAs’ experience?

Experience is important for reliability. So, ask about the typical level of experience their VAs possess, and if possible, seek an agency with a track record in your industry or with the tasks you will be assigning them.

An agency that’s familiar with your industry’s ins and outs will provide VAs who can hit the ground running, reducing the learning curve and accelerating productivity.

How do they ensure security for you?

Part of knowing your VA agency is reliable is also making sure they have policies and technologies in place to protect your data and privacy. This is important because, depending on what you need, the VA may access your company data.

So, ask them questions and ensure the agency employs security measures to safeguard your sensitive data.

Do they have software and tools that facilitate work and collaboration?

Also, consider the technical and collaborative side of things. The agency’s VAs should be adept in the digital tools and software that your business utilizes.

Whether it’s proficiency in specific project management systems, CRM software, or communication platforms, their familiarity will streamline collaboration and enhance efficiency.

If the agency offers proprietary software for task management or communication, ensure it’s user-friendly and integrates well with your existing systems.

Question 3: How do they match you with your VA?

One of the most critical aspects of hiring a virtual assistant through an agency is the matching process. It’s not just about having a VA with the right skills; it’s about finding someone whose expertise, working style, and even personality align with your business’s culture and needs.

A VA agency that understands this doesn’t randomly assign you a virtual assistant; instead, they do intentional matching. This involves taking the time to understand your business’s unique needs, culture, and the specific tasks you need help with.

They consider the VA’s skills, experience level, personality, and working style to find a match that promises both competence and compatibility.

Here is what you need to look out for in this process.

  • Detailed initial consultation: Does the agency conduct a comprehensive interview or consultation with you? They should be asking targeted questions about your business, your working style, and the tasks you’re looking to delegate to a VA.

  • Skill and personality assessments: (Back to the vetting process) Find out if the agency uses any particular assessments to gauge their VAs’ skills and personalities.

  • Special requests consideration: If you have specific needs, such as a VA who is fluent in a second language, has experience in a specialized software, or can work in a particular time zone, the agency should take these into account during the matching process.

  • Opportunity for feedback: Ask if there’s a system in place for feedback on the match. Suppose they already do intentional match-making; the agency will be open to your thoughts about the VA and willing to make adjustments if things aren’t working out as planned.

Ideally, you want to avoid agencies that seem to rush through the matching process. If they’re simply assigning you the next available VA on their list without digging into the specifics of what you need, they’re not providing the personalized service you need.

Note: Ready to hire VA services for your business? At Cascade Virtual, we are the business growth partners you need. We offer you U.S.-based VAs with over 10 years of experience at a $35-$50 hourly rate. Our team takes care of the activities that weigh you down while you focus on the core parts of your business. Book a meeting with us!

Question 4: What type of relationship do they typically have with their clients?

An agency that makes it a necessity to invest in understanding your business’s trajectory and tailor their services to align with your vision brings you far more to the table than one just ticks off tasks on a to-do list. So, here is a question for you.

Are you going to have a transactional relationship where you assign them tasks, the VA completes them, and you pay the company, or will they dig into your business to understand where you want to go as a business and design tasks for your long-term success?

The reality is that most VA agencies and their customers operate on a mere transactional basis. All the collaboration is done on a per-task basis, which is cool, but doesn’t help with your company’s growth, and you deserve better. Here is why.

For us at Cascade Virtual, we firmly believe that whether you’re working with a full-time employee or a VA, you want somebody who proactively gets into the heart of your business, seeking to understand not just what you do but why and how you do it.

This relationship style paves the way for the VA or the employee to anticipate needs, make valuable suggestions, and contribute to strategic planning, all of which are aligned with your long-term business goals.

So, it’s important to check whether you’ll be entering a purely transactional relationship or one where the agency is genuinely invested in your business’s growth and success.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you hire the right agency here:

  • Ask for case studies or references that illustrate the agency’s involvement in the long-term success of their clients. How have they gone above and beyond mere task completion?

  • Does the agency check in with you regularly, not just to update you on completed tasks, but to understand your evolving goals and how they can better serve you?

  • Find out if the agency offers strategic insights, such as identifying areas for efficiency improvements, potential for growth, or task automation, helping you optimize operations.

  • Businesses evolve, and so do their needs. Does the agency have a track record of adapting to clients’ changing needs or scaling services accordingly?

Question 5: How do they ensure the VAs deliver quality work consistently?

Entrusting tasks to a virtual assistant agency means placing a part of your business’s operations in their hands, and consistent quality is important.

So, when hiring a VA agency, it’s essential to understand and ensure that they have mechanisms in place to guarantee an unwavering level of excellence.

Here’s how top-notch VA agencies ensure this consistency and what you should expect from them:

  1. Consistent supervision

First-rate VA agencies understand the importance of oversight. They ensure that there’s a supervisory system in place, often with experienced managers overseeing the VAs’ work.

This layer of management ensures you get the highest standard of work from your dedicated virtual assistant and allows for continuous performance assessment and immediate correction if issues arise.

  1. Dedicated point of contact

Communication is key in any working relationship, more so when it’s virtual. Reliable agencies provide a dedicated point of contact — someone you can reach out to at any time with questions, concerns, or additional instructions. This person is typically well-versed in your project and can swiftly address any issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your workflow.

  1. Regular check-ins

Your agency shouldn’t wait for a problem to arise before they communicate. They should schedule regular check-ins, which can be daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, depending on your preference.

These meetings are opportunities to review completed work, provide feedback, and discuss upcoming tasks or projects. It’s a two-way street that allows both parties to stay aligned with goals and expectations.

  1. Clear goal maps

Without clear, defined goals, maintaining quality and consistency is challenging. Make sure your VA agency establishes clear goal maps or roadmaps. These documents detail the expected outcomes, deadlines, and quality standards for tasks or projects. They serve as a reference point for VAs to ensure their work meets the set targets consistently.

  1. Creation of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

One of the hallmarks of a high-quality VA agency is the establishment of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for every task.

SOPs are detailed, step-by-step instructions designed to standardize work processes, ensuring tasks are performed consistently and efficiently regardless of who is executing them. SOPs are an excellent way of maintaining quality, especially for repetitive or complex tasks.

Question 6: Do they have an internal HR system to offload you with the accompanying HR work of having VAs?

Managing a team of virtual assistants, even a single one, comes with its fair share of HR responsibilities. From handling payroll and benefits to ensuring ongoing training, there’s a lot that goes into ensuring a harmonious and productive working relationship.

But when you’re hiring through a VA agency, you ideally don’t want to be bogged down with these intricacies. That’s where an agency’s internal HR system comes into play. So, ask your target VA company:

  • Do they have a structured onboarding process for new VAs, ensuring they are well-acquainted with their roles, the agency’s expectations, and any tools or software they’ll be using?

  • Will they handle everything from clocking hours the VAs worked, getting paychecks out, and sorting out the tax forms every year?

  • Do they have ongoing training programs to upskill their VAs?

  • Do they have clear contracts with their VAs that outline roles, responsibilities, confidentiality clauses, and other essential terms?

Question 7: Do they have contracts? And what perks do you get with the contract?

When it comes to hiring a VA agency, the contract isn’t just about ensuring service delivery; it should also offer you a lot of flexibility, consider and plan for your changing needs, and offer you the best value for your investment.

From our experience, there are four main features you should consider asking your VA agency about your contract. Here they are:

  1. Rollover hours: This is important for those months when you don’t use all the hours you’ve paid for. Rollover hours allow you to carry unused hours over to the next month, ensuring you get full value for your money. It’s especially beneficial if you have fluctuating workloads.

  2. Ability to pause your account: Life is unpredictable, and there may be times when you need to halt operations temporarily, be it for a vacation, a business transition, or any other reason. You need to be able to pause your account, which means you won’t be billed during this period, and your VA won’t be assigned to other long-term projects.

  3. Easy restaffing: If, for some reason, you feel your VA isn’t a good fit, the contract should allow for easy restaffing. This means the agency will promptly assign you a new VA without a lengthy transition process or additional costs. It ensures you always have the best talent suited to your needs.

  4. Flexibility in scaling: As your business grows or contracts, your needs might change. The contract should provide provisions for scaling up (adding more VAs or hours) or scaling down as required, ensuring you aren’t locked into a rigid framework.

Question 8: What are their costs, and do they have trial periods?

Now that you have all the information you need, let’s talk about virtual assistant cost.

One of the primary reasons businesses consider virtual assistants is to achieve operational efficiency without breaking the bank. And beyond just the cost, the pricing model the agency adopts significantly influences your decision.

Here, you want to ensure that the VA agency cares about you and that it offers a pricing model that benefits you. We see most VA companies offer three pricing models, but none of the models actually offers the best for your money. Let’s break them down:

  1. Hourly rate with a monthly limit: Here, the agency has an hourly and creates monthly packages that you purchase. The issue arises when you need more hours or use less than you paid for. Also, it can quickly get pricey. Some places, like Zirtual or Boldly, even charge up to $50 an hour. So, if you have a VA working 4 hours every day, it can cost you over $4,000 a month. That’s a lot!

  2. Project-based fee: Here, you pay a set price for a specific job. But what if things change halfway? Changing the plan can be hard and might cost more.

  3. One-time task fee: This means you pay once for a specific job. It’s okay for a single task, but it doesn’t help build a good, long-term relationship with the VA. Plus, always talking prices for new tasks can be annoying and make even little jobs pricier due to all the extra admin work.

The best pricing model we’ve seen VA companies offer so far is an hourly rate with a pay-per-use model. This model is the best for several reasons:

  • Flexibility: It allows you to adjust the number of hours you need, making it suitable for varying workloads. You pay precisely for the hours your VA works, ensuring there’s no unnecessary expenditure.

  • Cost-effectiveness: If you don’t need full-time assistance, this model is economically efficient. You aren’t committed to a fixed monthly fee regardless of actual usage.

  • Transparency: An hourly rate with pay-per-use offers clear transparency. You can easily track hours worked, tasks completed, and can often get detailed breakdowns upon request.

  • Ease of scaling: As your business needs change, you can quickly scale up or down the number of hours you need without being tied down to a fixed contract. It allows for agility and responsiveness to your business demands.

Note: Ready to hire VA services for your business? At Cascade Virtual, we are the business growth partners you need. We offer you U.S.-based VAs with over 10 years of experience at a $35-$50 hourly rate. Our team takes care of the activities that weigh you down while you focus on the core parts of your business. Book a meeting with us!

Why Cascade Virtual offers you the best VAs for your business needs

Cascade Virtual is a virtual assistant agency with a unique approach to professional assistance and helping your business grow. We take great pride in providing expert, global and US-based virtual assistants with years of experience in various business industries.

For us, offering VA services is not limited to simply completing tasks and ticking off to-dos on a list. We believe the best way to serve you is to deeply understand who you are as a business and where you want to go.

As a result, we always come aboard your business as partners to your long-term efficiency and success, not just VAs rushing to complete tasks. Let’s discuss the key reasons why you might need to consider Cascade Virtual as your go-to VA agency.

We have a comprehensive vetting process that ensures you get the best VAs working for you

At Cascade Virtual, we believe there are some things you shouldn’t cut corners on when hiring a virtual assistant (VA). And the main one is making sure your VAs are thoroughly checked out.

The main reason is that if you choose a VA service that doesn’t do a good job checking its VAs, you could end up with VAs who aren’t good, don’t act professionally, or aren’t there when you call. This can lead to mistakes, delays, and even concerns about safety and security.

For us, when picking a VA for your business, that means you want:

  • Someone you can trust to get things done and be there when you need them.

  • A VA who’s more than great at what they do. Yes, many VAs can handle basic tasks, but you need someone who’s a pro at things like social media, content creation, or design.

  • A VA who’s in it for the long haul. You don’t want the hassle of having to hire new VAs every few months. You need quality that lasts.

  • Someone who does work that’s up to your standards — or even better. That’s a VA who pays attention to detail and delivers top-notch work.

  • And since they might handle sensitive info about your business, you want to feel confident that your data is in safe hands.

Because of this, basic VA vetting processes that only rely on background checks and a few talks don’t cut it.

At Cascade Virtual, we’ve put a lot of effort into creating a top-notch system to vet our VAs. When you partner with us, you’re not just getting any VA. You’re getting an expert from the U.S. who has successfully gone through our rigorous screening.

Here’s a peek into how we ensure you get the cream of the crop from the U.S.:

  1. Initial interviews: We gauge their personality and professionalism and see if they align with our values.

  2. Skill assessment: We don’t want average. We aim for people who excel in what your business needs.

  3. Hands-on testing: We don’t rely just on their words or resumes. We put them to the test to ensure they maintain high-quality work.

  4. Background checks: Here, we want to ensure they’re trustworthy and will protect your data. It’s all about giving you peace of mind.

  5. Reference verification: A good resume and references are a start, but we double-check to confirm their track record is genuine.

Our unique approach ensures you’re getting top-tier VAs. Plus, all our assistants are based in the U.S. and are specific experts in different domains, on top of being great at managing general administrative needs.

Many boast over a decade of experience working with big-name companies from the Fortune 500 business network, bringing a wealth of knowledge and industry insights to the table.

We don’t just complete tasks and call it quits. We build a relationship with you to understand your situation, learn about your overarching goals, and work out tasks to help you achieve them.

Many VA companies just have a simple give-and-take relationship with their clients, and it’s nowhere beneficial to you as the client. Here’s how it usually goes:

  • You need some work done.

  • You hire the company.

  • They give you whichever VA is free next.

  • You tell them what to do.

  • The VA does the job.

  • You get billed.

This cycle keeps repeating. The downside is that these VA companies don’t really get to know your business and are not proactive. They just do the tasks you list, and that’s all.

At Cascade Virtual, we try to step into your shoes as the client. Plus, from our experience working with several customers over the years, we know the fact that collaborating with you on a per-task basis is not the best way to serve your business.

Ideally, clients want to make sure that the VA agency:

  • Builds a real relationship with their company and works as a part of their business and not just task handlers.

  • Works with their team to understand their needs and map goals — thus derive tasks for long-term growth.

  • Thoughtfully matches their business with the right VA, not just assigning them the next available VA.

  • Creates organized systems for tasks.

  • Creates set guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure smooth work and that VAs don’t have to go through incessant training.

The value behind this is that if your VA service doesn’t have these in place, things can get chaotic. Issues like confusion on priorities, miscommunication, and lack of progress tracking can pop up.

This can mean tasks don’t get done properly. Even worse, it suggests there’s no clear standard of excellence in these VA teams.

So, at Cascade Virtual, we get it. You’re investing in a service, and you want the best. That’s exactly what we aim to provide.

Here's our detailed process to ensure you’re set up for success from the get-go:

Step 1: Understanding your needs and crafting the perfect job description

From the very beginning, we sit down with you to discuss the core challenges that led you to look for a VA. Our goal here is to get to the heart of the issues you’re facing or the tasks you need managed so that we can tailor a job description that fits just right.

Now, here’s where we stand out. We meet with you to ask you questions to understand where you need help. We will ask questions about:

  • Your tasks

  • Your products,

  • How much marketing you do,

  • How you manage communications with your customers or potential customers,

  • What systems or tech you have in place to manage your business, etc,

It helps us establish how much work is involved, the specific talents you need, and how we can help. Here is an example of an email we send our clients after meeting with them to discuss their needs and building a virtual assistant job description.

So, while many VA services just hand over the next available assistant, we don't. Once we have that tailored job description, we handpick a VA for you. We look for someone who not only has the skills but also the personality and values that align with your business.

All this process is to ensure that you get the best assistance for your needs.

Step 2: Laying the groundwork for seamless collaboration

Our goal in this step is to ensure you have everything you need for a smooth collaboration with us. We want you to not only get the support you need but also understand how the whole process works. Here’s a breakdown of how we make that happen:

  • Your dedicated contact

This isn’t your VA – it’s someone from our managing team you can always reach out to. They simplify communication, ensuring your voice is always heard and your concerns addressed.

  • A handy guide

It’ll give you clarity about our processes, your responsibilities, and what you can expect from us.

  • Real-time work updates

We believe in transparency. That’s why we let you see timesheets and daily activities. You’ll always be in the loop about what's happening, when, and how long tasks are taking. Plus, you have the freedom to jump in with feedback or changes anytime.

  • Personalized dashboard

To make things even more transparent, we give you access to a user-friendly dashboard. Here is what it looks like:

This centralized hub lets you keep track of everything related to your account: from ongoing tasks, hours used to other crucial details.

Step 3: Goal mapping and task planning

At this point, our focus shifts to creating a roadmap for your business’s growth and success. Here is a snap view of our delegating 101 document we send you for this:

Your answers to this document help us establish an immediate week-by-week set of goals. These are immediate to-do’s we need to start with. Then we keep following up with you and your VA until you are more comfortable with your team.

  • We set clear, actionable goals: Based on where you are currently, your immediate needs, and where you aspire to be, we establish specific, measurable, and time-sensitive objectives. These goals become our north star, helping in decision-making and evaluating progress.

  • We work on both short-term and long-term planning: We’re not just thinking about today or tomorrow. We lay out both immediate and future-focused goals. This ensures we’re tackling immediate needs while also preparing for the road ahead.

  • We engage in in-depth planning sessions: Typically, we’ll engage with your team to draft plans that span 1, 2, 3, or even 6 months. These planning sessions help us grasp the bigger picture so every task we assign aligns with your broader vision.

  • We identify tasks to complete: From the plans we create, we identify specific to-dos that will drive growth, push for success, and uncover new opportunities. Here is an example we did for a client:

By doing this, we ensure that every task we embark on has a clear purpose and direction, ensuring you get the most out of our collaboration. Also, you won’t have to worry about the next task to assign to your VA; our process takes care of it all.

Step 4: Building SOPs for quality and smooth operations — as well as quick onboarding

Here, we translate planning into action. The work we do here ensures immediate integration into your team with minimum training and disruption.

Here is a representation of the process we follow to build this:

From the job description we initially constructed, we begin shaping SOPs. This requires a collaboration between your team and ours to ensure we’re setting up the most efficient process for everything. And your VA is right at the center of this.

Here is what this means for your business:

  • We eliminate guesswork and reduce the learning curve: Each task we take on will have its dedicated SOP. This ensures that there’s no guesswork. Every VA will know precisely what’s expected and how to achieve it. Instead of spending weeks on training, they can jump in and start delivering results immediately.

  • We save you time and ensure quality, and you won’t have to train the VAs: Forget lengthy training sessions. With our SOPs, your VAs can start immediately, and you have a reference point (the SOPs) to gauge the quality of their work. Moreover, if there’s ever a need to switch VAs or if someone has to fill in temporarily, the transition is smooth and seamless because everything is already established.

So, with this in place, you can ensure that the VAs aren’t just outsiders coming in; with the goals mapped out and the SOPs, they come in seasoned members of your team. They’re well aware of daily tasks and also understand how these tasks contribute to the bigger picture.

Our proactive approach means that you won’t have to have to monitor or assign tasks constantly. Once everything is set up, our managers and VAs identify, outline, and execute tasks to help your business grow without you having to micromanage.

That way, we ensure that you’re not just getting task-doers but proactive partners invested in your long-term success.

We consistently oversee the work and supervise your VAs. You also get regular check-ins and a dedicated HR system to manage administrative and compliance aspects like timesheets, payroll, taxes, and more.

What we mean here is that you won’t have to worry about managing or handling the VA; we take care of that for you.

Most VA companies operate like a simple matchmaking service, just linking you up with a VA – kind of like an online job board. There is not a solid system in place to monitor VAs working with them and guarantee you’re getting value for your money.

To us, if a VA company lacks a proper HR system to manage basic operations like consistent supervision, tracking work hours, handling pay, and sorting out taxes, it’s a major red flag. It likely indicates potential future headaches for you if you engage with that company.

Why is that?

Because it typically points to a chaotic system where things are left haphazard. It means the VA is left to handle everything on their own. You will likely find yourself constantly checking on them to ensure they’re doing their job and are satisfied with their work environment.

It means that the VA company isn’t taking responsibility to ensure quality. They just introduce you to a VA and then step back, leaving you to figure things out.

At Cascade Virtual, we think hiring a VA should make things easier for you. You shouldn't have to keep checking in all the time to see if things are okay. So, we’ve created a system that lets you relax and enjoy the benefits without stressing over the details. Here’s what we offer:

We handle the HR details with our internal HR system

Getting a VA should simplify your life, not complicate it. When you bring a new VA into your team, you want them to fit seamlessly into your workflow. That’s where our HR team steps in.

We manage all the behind-the-scenes stuff for you — from monitoring their work hours to ensuring they get paid on time, and even taking care of tax paperwork.

In short, all the admin details that otherwise weigh you down? We’ve got them covered. And if you’re on the hunt for a particular talent, just let us know. We’ll search for the perfect fit and hire them for you.

We ensure smooth operation with daily oversight — so you don’t have to

Part of our work is also to ensure that the VAs are working well and delivering on your expectations. So, we keep tabs on their performance daily, ensuring they meet your standards. Here is the dashboard we use for this:

Our goal is to see that tasks progress smoothly and objectives get achieved so you don’t have to. You can then focus on other parts of your business.

We seek your feedback

We regularly check in with you, especially during the initial stages when you’re still getting accustomed to your VA, to ensure everything is working out as you want.

If things are going great, we’d love to hear it. If there’s room for improvement, we want to know. Through these touch points, we aim to fine-tune our services to ensure you’re getting the most out of our partnership.

Our contract is flexible and open to your changing needs. You can restaff easily, rollover hours, pause your account anytime you need to, and more.

As we said before, when you’re working with a VA company, you want to ensure that their contracts are flexible to your changing needs.

We understand this at Cascade. Sometimes work piles up, and you need extra hands. Other times, things are slow, and your VA does not have much to do. During those slow periods, you should be able to save your unused hours or even cancel your account if you wish to.

However, many VA companies don’t see it this way. Their contracts often benefit them more than you. Here’s what we’ve noticed:

  • With many VA companies, it’s hard to switch assistants or add more staff. If they do allow changes, you’ll likely face delays or extra charges.

  • Most of these companies won’t let you roll over unused hours. So, during slow business times, you will be paying for VA help you’re not using.

  • If something unexpected pops up in your life or business, many agencies won’t let you hit “pause” on your contract. This means you keep paying even if you’re not using the service.

But we’re different at Cascade Virtual. We know business needs change. Our agreements are all about giving you the best bang for your buck, whenever you need it. If you pay for a monthly hour unit and use it all, we let you roll over hours and pause your account whenever you want.

Need to change up your staff? No problem. We make sure that when we bring on new VAs, they’re up to speed and ready to roll without a long learning curve. The work we do on the onboarding process facilitates this.

We offer you an hourly rate with a pay-per-use model. We are more affordable, and you only pay for the hours you use.

We offer you the best pricing at Cascade Virtual.

We’re all about giving you top-notch service without breaking the bank. That’s why we set our price between $35 and $50 an hour based on the plan you choose.

  • $600-Innovator (Up to 3 hours a week/12 hours a month)

  • $1200- Entrepreneur (Up to 7 hours a week/28 hours a month)

  • $2400- Premier(Up to 15 hours a week/60 hours a month)

  • $3500-Dignitary(Up to 25 hours a week/100 hours a month)

This pricing allows us to hire the best VAs and offer you one of the best pricings on the market.

Plus, you only pay for the hours you actually use. Our flexible pay-as-you-go system is perfect if your needs change from time to time.

  • You don’t have to worry about wasting money on hours you didn’t use or going over your budget. Just adjust as you go.

  • Only pay for the work that gets done. This is great for small businesses or new ones trying to save money.

Let Cascade Virtual handle your VA needs

Now, it’s time to make your decision. The best recommendation we can make here is that you ensure you know the virtual assistant’s professionalism, reliability, and cultural fit with your team.

As we’ve discussed, it’s not just about getting tasks completed; it’s about ensuring these tasks are executed with precision, consistency, and alignment with your business goals.

The best agencies don’t just provide you with a virtual assistant; they offer a partnership that is geared toward your long-term success.

Also, consider the balance between cost and the value the agency offers in terms of skills, experience, and additional services.

Note: Ready to hire VA services for your business? At Cascade Virtual, we are the business growth partners you need. We offer you U.S.-based VAs with over 10 years of experience at a $35-$50 hourly rate. Our team takes care of the activities that weigh you down while you focus on the core parts of your business. Book a meeting with us!

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