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Clean Email Lists are a Must, Especially if You are Doing Cold Email.

If you are a business owner who has access to finding clients online and are not utilizing cold email, you are missing out on boatloads of potential clients who are looking for service.

Cold email does not mean spamming the inbox of anyone and everyone. Cold email is a targeted marketing effort geared to contact only those who fit within your typical avatar and would be a great match for what you are offering.

There are several ways your virtual assistant can help you with this process wether you are using a marketing firm or not.

Having your assistant preform the following will prove especially valuable to your close rate.

Verifying Emails

Wether you are mining emails from purchased lists, scraping emails off social media or gathering emails organically through a Facebook group or lead magnet verifying those emails is a priority before sending them anything associated with your domain.

People change emails, names, jobs, etc. all the time and spammers love to fill out forms unnecessarily simply to ruin your send rate. Ensuring the emails you're sending to are real and if real, active, will go a long way towards your emails continuing to land in the inbox instead of the spam folder.

Have your assistant verify them one by one by searching them online and connecting you with them on LinkedIn.

Setting up Your Auto Email Sequence

If you are using cold email to reach potential clients, chances are, you also have an auto emailer that will send communication to the prospect in a very specific format after your initial warm connection. This may be a software that although you pay for it monthly or annually, you may not understand how to set it up and build automated sequences the way you have them mapped out.

Lucky for you, virtual assistants are excellent with this and would be excited to get your sequence up and running and would be happy to continue to manage it moving forward.

If you need content ideas....ask your assistant! Chances are your assistant has built several of these sequences and would be happy to give you some tips on the types of emails that get opened the most!

Second Human Follow Up

I have often found, when I myself am prospecting with cold email, there comes a point when a potential client is not ready to take the leap but the communication sequence has ended and they have not unsubscribed either.

Hearing from another member of my team (in my case its our Operations Manager) usually does the trick!

Do not have your assistant follow up with potential clients and mention that they are your assistant. They will need a proper title in your organization in order to make these types of follow ups.

Not only a title but a daily schedule that lends itself to have a reason to be following up with prospect. They will also need to be able to assist the potential client in making a purchase.

Once the assistant has communication flowing with the potential client, they should be able to close the deal without the final sale having to revert back to you unless totally necessary.

If the assistant does not receive a response, they can build and manage a list of the potentials and reach out to them periodically to keep them warm unless the prospect unsubscribes or becomes a client.

If you still haven't found the perfect US based virtual assistant, LET'S MEET!

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