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Most virtual assistant companies work with clients on a mere transactional basis.
We fix that! 

We don't just assign you staff members, Cascade Virtual is your success partner.

  • Beyond task completion, work with an agency that understands your business and maps goals and tasks.

  • The right help. You won't have to micro-manage your staff, name tasks or spend time tracking their progress.  

  • Nothing is left to chance. Assistants are assigned work with SOPs and head managers to ensure efficiency. 

  • Get a bilingual team member based in Latin America with over 10 years of experience and education to push your growth to the next level.

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The most successful industries  are using remote professionals to stay on top.


Our Winning System Pairs You With the Right Person The First Time

We work for your success daily so we keep a close eye on progress with our winning 4 step process.

Step 1: Building a Job Description

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We start by understanding your pain points and discussing your business needs. The idea is to understand how we can help. From there, we will: 

       Coach you on delegating and put you through our unique framework where we get to get figure out all your pain points, the amount of work your do, and the tasks that weight on you.

       Based on the data collected, we build a list of tasks the VAs will offload you with. In the process, we also pinpoint the specific skills required to complete the tasks excellently.

       Build a job description accordingly and get you to approve it. The job description serves to find the best assistant based on skill set, availability, and personality.

Step 2: Thoughtful match-making 

We don't just assign you the VA available. Based on the job description we built, we will pull out the best resumes and help you choose the best talent for your needs. 


       Interview up to 3 fully-vetted and highly qualified  assistants.

       We ensure they have the required skill set, experience and interest in your company.

       If you don't find the personality you're looking for, we'll continue to recruit until we find you the perfect fit. 

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Step 3: Goal Mapping and SOP Building

Unlike most virtual assistant agencies out there, when we help you find the best virtual assistant for your needs, the work isn't over. We don't want to just complete tasks, instead we take pride in helping business grow and succeed. That means: 

      Mapping goals: We seek to understand where you stand and want to get to as a business. We then build short and long term business goals and derive tasks for months ahead. 

      Building SOPs: For every goal and task we agree on, we collaborate with your team to design the best ways to achieve or complete them, ensuring efficiency and minimal training.   

      Streamlining operations: You won't have to always name what the VA should do and can wholeheartedly focus on other parts of your business and be sure work is being done.  

Step 4: Consistent Oversight

You won't have to micro-manage your VA or manually/personally track the hours they work. Your dedicated account manager will stick with your assistant and be available to you daily to make sure:


       Work is moving forward. We will ensure your VAs are working efficiently with consistent and regular check-ins through our App; that tasks are being completed and that goals are being met. 


       You have access to the client dashboard. We give you access to our internal HR system where you can see the tasks being completed, the hours used, and more. 

       You are constantly kept in the loop and that everything is moving as you wish. We have established systems for you to provide feedback on every aspect of our service, including the onboarding process.

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See Why Our Customers Love Cascade Virtual


Dianne McKinley, INcompassing Education

Cascade Virtual has been a HUGE asset to my company! They are professional and attentive. My team of virtual assistants truly make my job easier and help my company to run smoothly. They are a dream to work with. The administrative staff checks in with me regularly to see how things are going and offer any assistance. I am extremely grateful for the work they do!


Alex Knowles,
Personal Trainer

Cascade Virtual has made an invaluable impact on our business. The handling of all of our back-office functions has freed us up to do some of the primary things needed to continually manage and develop our business. Our assistant has introduced us to a new line of technologies that we never even knew existed, but now utilize as a regular part of our business process. 


Martha Veon
The Navigation Coach

Like many of you, when I started my consultancy I was trying to do it all.   I was spending hours and hours “juggling”. 
Hiring Cascade Virtual has been one of the wisest investments I have made. My virtual team is very skilled and works very well together. Cascade’s customer service is excellent.
I highly recommend Cascade Virtual if you need one assistant or a team. CLICK HERE to learn more about Martha's journey.


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