Cascade Virtual is a virtual staffing solution for your startup, small business, corporation, daily to-do-list or personal life. We specialize in building affordable teams of virtual professionals who focus on moving your objectives forward on a daily basis allowing you to spend your time developing your passion.

With Cascade Virtual, you really can have it all!


Hiring a Virtual Assistant is as easy as 1-2-3.


Innovator Package

  • 10 hours/month
  • Hourly Cost : $17.99

Premier Package

  • 40 hours/month
  • Hourly Cost : $15.99

Dignitary Package

  • 60 hours/month
  • Hourly Cost : $15.49

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“Cascade Virtual has made an invaluable impact on our business.  The handling of all of our back-office functions such as responding to e-mails, drafting correspondence and distributing surveys has freed us up to do some of the primary things needed to continually manage and develop our business.  Our assistant has introduced us to a new line of technologies that we never even knew existed, but now utilize as a regular part of our business process. Cascade Virtual manages our social media presence, stores and shares relevant documents, schedules clients, and much more.  Our Cascade Virtual assistant also serves as an active, knowledgeable voice for our third-party vendors and is now an integral part of our business team.  “Our assistant has freed us up to do the things we really love which is to train, coach and inspire people to be a better version of themselves.”

Alex Knowles and Matteel Jones, Founder and Transformation Coach, IUWE Fitness

In the beginning, I tried to do everything myself but I was actually wasting time, and missing opportunities to earn. Using the virtual industry allows me to receive top tier talent at a fee I can afford. My virtual assistant has been an invaluable asset to my company. She has saved me valuable productive hours which has increased my opportunities to earn. The return on this investment continues to grow.mvmcoachingus.com

Martha V, The Navigation Coach™, Muscatine, Iowa

“I am a professor. I work outside of the U.S. I needed help in applying for a new requirement for my position. The process required hours of going from federal office to federal office. At the end of a semester I simply did not have the time nor the experience with organizing the official documents. I contacted Cascade Virtual, met them and THE NEXT DAY, everything was completed! They navigated a very challenging process that would have taken me days to do!

Highly recommended!”

M Lynn W, Professor, Abu Dhabi, UAE

“A lot of freelancers have “padded” reviews of their work, meaning that they probably didn’t do as good of a job as their review states. You can take this review to the bank. Robin did an EXCELLENT job. She went over and beyond the scope of this project. I rehired her for another job before this project was complete. She is an excellent communicator, and her work is excellent. I can’t explain how great of a job she’s done.”

Jude P, Serial Entrepreneur, Fort Meyers, FL

“I travel a lot for work and have a young family. Using Cascade keeps me connected in both worlds. My virtual assistant is intricately involved in all of my travel plans, keeps up with my emails so I never miss an opportunity, and manages my schedule. My wife also uses tasks here and there to help her coordinate at home. Without Cascade, we would be lost.”

Daniel M, Security Consultant, Houston, TX

“Hiring a Virtual Assistant at Cascade Virtual has allowed me to focus on creating my firm and building connections while trusting the day to day dealings to virtual staff that is as invested in my dream as I am. It’s also important to me to maintain work life balance, if I didn’t have great people to back me up, I would not be able to travel and unplug.”

Mark R, Attorney, New York, NY