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Let It Go: Delegation

Delegating is hard and the dichotomy of wanting to manage everything on our plates by ourselves and still have time for our personal lives is even harder. We know, realistically, it’s not possible to be all things in all circumstances efficiently or effectively yet still, we all try to do it.

For most business owners letting go of the control of any part of your business is like taking away your kid’s favorite toy. WE GET IT! Your business is your baby. What most of us fail to realize is that delegating is gaining ultimate control and finally seeing progress. You are always in control of your business, delegating is just someone that you trust completing various requested tasks at a level of satisfaction you require... lightning the load.

The virtual assistant industry has been booming in the last few years. More companies than ever are now making use of virtual assistants to handle day to day administrative tasks, social media management, lead generation, client retention and more and more. Although some companies work with freelance Virtual Assistants, many choose to go through a Virtual Assistant Agency allowing the business freedom from managing the hiring process, payroll, and taxes. Read more on: Why does a virtual assistant make more sense financially?

“Focus on your genius, outsource the rest.“

“Ask yourself, “What can I not do.“

Identify what is important -

What is the task ONLY you can do?

That will help you identify what you, yourself, don't need to do.

CLICK HERE to take our Learn to Delegate Challenge.

Identify the people who want to do more -

The 70% rule - If the person you want to complete the task can do it 70% as well as you can, you should outsource.

Bonus * At Cascade Virtual, we play Virtual Assistant matchmaker. We will find the right fit for your needs. Here are some questions to ask a Virtual Assistant during your discovery call. 12 Questions To Ask A Virtual Assistant Before Hiring Them.

Give it your all -

This is probably the most scary for most business owners, but it is essential. Have faith in your delegation process and the people you delegate to.

Delegation isn't a simple way of unloading your responsibilities. Its leaders can benefit from entrusting others to do what you hired them for. As you delegate, you are not just freeing yourself from your business mountain, but developing other leaders to help your business grow.

Like we said, delegating isn't easy. The first step is to know you need help. We can see the staircase and will guide you up it.

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