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Having a second in command to manage your business, vision, goals, benchmarks, and staff is the next level of your success. 

Are You Ready For An OBM?

You have already seen the benefits of building a virtual team to delegate to while you worked hard to become an expert in your field. Sales increased, followers increased and business is good! 

Now it's time for PHASE 2!

Build out your business with an appropriate management structure that allows you to build departments, maintain increase, and create a business that is not only a money maker now and a source of success, but also a valuable investment that offers you a longterm strategy for mutually beneficial partnerships, continued steady increase and exit options when you are ready to retire.   

How you work Matters

Online Business Manager: Your Second In Command

Project/Launch Management 

  • Establish team, timeline, and plan for project/Launch completion to include weekly progress meeting and report, measurable and attainable goal setting and review.


Daily Operations Management

  • Establish and manage processes for day-to-day business activities. 

  • In depth review of current business processes to establish, recommend and manage tasks that can be automated and which systems/apps will work best for automation goals. Continued management and review of possible automation. 


Metrics Management

  • Tracking/reporting monthly statistics for key deliverables to help shape and scale business activities and necessary operations.


People/Automation Management

  • Establish your virtual team or work with an existing team to delegate roles & responsibilities, establish benchmarks, review targets and push operations forward daily. 

Are you ready to grow your business with someone who cares as much about your business as you do?

You are a hardworking individual who has committed to sharing your magic with the world. You follow your intuition and your natural creative energy. Honoring your creative spirit is how you keep your work grounded in truth. Have you reached a point where you are beginning to wonder if there is a level of support and structure that could honor your individuality AND relieve some of the unrelenting stress?

Our main objective is to get to know you, understand what energizes you, what drains you, and how we can get you back into operating from your zone of genius. 

We Specialize In Teams! Let's Build Yours! 

Start with a Virtual Assistant Team to get organized and delegate tasks that are taking up all of your time.

Hire an expert OBM to supervise your staff, manage all branches of your business and strategize for success. 

Utilize our creative team to build your image online with a website, logo, one-sheet and ebook cover.

Let us plan and execute your first product live launch and see your sales skyrocket! 

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